Germany for first timers: Top 3 destinations

Germany was the first country I visited in Europe, and after my 12th visit since 2012  I  recently decided to move here. After visiting countless cities and towns I still feel like I have so much more to discover.

Germany can be a vibrant fast-paced city,  a charming little town or a wonderland of natural landscapes. If you’re planning your first trip to Germany here are the top 3 destinations:

1.  Berlin

photo by Francisco Rosales


The German capital  is dynamic and multicultural with plenty of things to see and do. Berlin has a superb art scene and lots of history in every corner  – a definite must.

2.  Munich

munich ssojk

Munich is often associated with beer and lederhosen – and rightly so. This Bavarian city is home to Oktoberbest, the world famous beer festival. And though it is one of the major cities in Germany, it has a more traditional feel to it.

3.  Heidelberg



Heidelberg is a university town like no other –  with the castle perched on top of the Altstadt, enjoy a magnificent view of the Neckar in this romantic and charming little town. It’s no wonder it was a favorite of poets and philosophers such as Goethe, Twain and the like.


What are your favorite cities in Germany?

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